An integrated communications strategy, all the way from planning to application.


A rigorous strategy analysis and its application.

Press and PR

A complete external communications strategy that follows our clients�� commercial plan.


We are both a communications and branding consultancy agency. We analyze and diagnose your company��s communication problems, and then go further: we propose a strategy to attack your problem and then we execute it so you get clear results and solutions. We are present all the way through.

We have an interdisciplinary focus. Our team, composed of communicators, designers, journalists, lawyers and specialists in digital media and web development, has as its target to meet and surpass your commercial and corporate objectives.

Although we have the necessary expertise to work in any field, we have profound experience in insurance, banking, real estate and gastronomy. We have worked together with global leaders such as Marsh, Cemex and Converse as well as with leading Peruvian companies like Ferreycorp, Inmobiliari, JJC, Grupo Albis and high-end Peruvian restaurants.

IPREX Partner Worldwide

IPREX is a $200 million network of communication agencies, with 1,500 staff and over 100 offices worldwide working across the spectrum of industry sectors and practice disciplines


In Lever we create solid and unitary internal and external communications for our clients. Our services start with a planned communicational strategy that can be executed with PR, digital media and internal campaigns. We are also experts in crisis and image management.


  • Planning
  • Internet image

  • External communication

  • PR
  • Campaigns
  • Investor relations
  • Web design

  • Internal communication

  • Strategy
  • Campaign application
  • Audit

  • Crisis

  • Manuals
  • Corporate image
  • Spokeperson training


    360�� focus on branding and communications

    We develop solutions to maximize your company��s corporate image or product to help it surpass your commercial targets


    We develop a clear brand strategy based in rigorous market research studies. With solid information we create identity parameters and brand books to connect your brand rationally and emotionally to your clients and audiences through human resources and corporate social responsibility plans.

    Brand analysis and strategy

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Positioning strategy

  • Identity

  • Verbal, visual and conceptual

  • Application

  • Aligning of HR with brand promise
  • Social responsibility politics
  • Brand book
  • Graphic application

  • Audit

  • Value
  • General audit

  • Interdisciplinary team

    A 360�� focus in branding and communications


    Luis Nieri

    Founder y CEO

    Luis, a lawyer with an MBA degree, founded Lever in 2008. He has more than ten years of experience in corporate communications and in that time he has formed a solid team of professionals that now gives form to Lever.

    Lenin Guti��rrez

    Marketing Director

    Our graphic designer and marketing specialist with more than seven years of experience. Lenin manages different projects and develops some of our client��s campaigns with an acute focus on design.

    Rodrigo Salazar Zimmermann

    Press and PR Director

    After more than ten years of experience in economic, business and auto industry journalism, Rodrigo now leads the department that manages our client��s external communications strategy.

    Juan Carlos Del Carpio

    Digital Media Director

    Juan Carlos has worked more than five years in management, strategy and awareness in digital media. Due to his previous experience in advertising agencies, his work has a strong, persuasive emphasis.

    Alfonso C��rdenas

    Web Development Director

    More than ten years of experience in design, advertising and web development makes Alfonso the ideal man to lead one of Lever��s departments that gives our consultancy and agency a strong added value.

    Pastor Zevallos

    Graphic Design Director

    A graphic and advertising designer with previous experience in Lever. In his first stage with us, Paco worked in the graphic web development department, but now he has come back to directs our design team.

    Chaxiraxi Leal

    Account Executive

    Chaxi is a journalist that joined Lever all the way from Spain after seven years of experience in press, audiovisuals, PR and internal communication. She manages our most important client��s communications.


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    Av. Arequipa 4130 Office 402 - Miraflores

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    Av. Arequipa 4130 Office 402, Miraflores
    +511 421 5362
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    Raises your potential

    With over six years in the market and more than 40 satisfied clients, we are an agency with a 360�� focus in branding and communications. Our added value is in our interdisciplinary approach and our being all the way through in the communicational process: from strategy to application.

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